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Shady Chris DelBorrello:
Federal Handouts for His Own Company, Higher Gas Taxes
and Predatory Fees for Working New Jerseyans

Amid a Federal Investigation, DelBorrello’s Company Took $328,000 in Federal Assistance That It Never Paid Back –

While Failing to Pay Taxes it Owed… 


DelBorrello’s family check cashing business – where he is a senior executive – took more than $328,000 in federal COVID handouts that it never paid back, while continuing to rake in large fees from working people. On Chris DelBorrello’s watch, his company got caught skipping out on paying more than $44,000 in taxes. 

At the same time, The DelBorrello Group was tied up in an investigation by the FBI for its involvement in a massive fraud that landed Chris DelBorrello’s brother in federal prison.   

…But Chris DelBorrello Doesn’t Mind Raising Taxes on New Jerseyans and Increasing Spending – In Fact, His Key Supporters Are the Ones Responsible for the Gas Tax Increase! Chris DelBorrello voted to raise taxes and spending as a Washington Township Councilman.


Chris DelBorrello was the Chief Compliance Officer of his family’s business, which was investigated by the FBI.


While DelBorello oversaw the finances, his business was investigated for fraud. In fact – his brother and co-worker was found guilty and sentenced to federal prison.

The DelBorrello Group Didn’t Pay Back More Than $328,000 in Federal COVID Loans.

Right in the middle of the federal fraud investigation, The DelBorrello Group took out $328,772 in federal PPP loans that were later forgiven. While South Jersey family businesses had to close their doors during democrats’ Covid shutdowns, DelBorrello happily took a federal handout to keep his business afloat.

Under Chris DelBorrello’s watch as Chief Compliance Officer, the DelBorrello Group got caught trying to stick it to taxpayers by failing to pay $44,386 in taxes.

Liens and court judgments against the DelBorrello Group exposed their attempts to rip off taxpayers while Chris DelBorrello was their Chief Compliance Officer.

DelBorrello is Backed by the Leading Supporters of the Gas Tax.

DelBorrello is supported by International Union of Operating Engineers Local 825, among the biggest funders of campaigns to raise the NJ gas tax. DelBorrello recently reiterated his support for the Operating Engineers, despite their support for gas tax hikes.

DelBorrello Voted to Raise Taxes and Spending as a Washington Township Councilman.

As a Washington Township Councilman in 2013, DelBorrello voted to raise taxes by 4.24% and spending by more than 20%.

DelBorrello Voted to Cut Spending for the Police.

As a Washington Township Councilman, DelBorrello cut police salaries, wages and other expenses in 3 of 4 budget cycles. He voted to reduce support for the police and against a budget that proposed to increase spending for the police department.

DelBorrello’s Family Check Cashing and Payday Loan Business Thrived Despite Its Involvement in a Massive Fraud Scheme.

DelBorrello’s family business, The DelBorrello Group, was at the center of a federal fraud case against the former CEO of the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. Chris DelBorrello’s brother Tom was found guilty of fraud and sentenced to a year in federal prison for facilitating the scam as a supervisor for United Check Cashing, a DelBorrello Group company.3,4,5 Chris DelBorrello worked for United Financial Services as a teller for eight years, and then later returned to the DelBorrello Group in 2017 as “Chief Compliance Officer” – a role he held during the FBI investigation and still holds today.

Despite benefitting from the fruits of the fraud scheme, The DelBorrello Group is still in operation today and still paying Chris DelBorrello.

Chris DelBorrello should answer some questions about his campaign’s links to The DelBorrello Group. If you see Shady Chris DelBorrello, ask him: 

  • Are you getting financial or in-kind support from the DelBorrello Group or its employees?

  • Are you using DelBorello Group resources, like computers, copiers, office space, meeting rooms, for campaign activities?

  • Have you taken any steps to make sure that your campaign isn’t benefitting from the fruits of the fraud scheme that sent your brother to prison?

Make the right choice this Election Day. Say NO to Chris DelBorrello.



[2] Pennsylvania State Tax Lien, Case #190404147, 04/29/2019.

[3] Christopher DelBorrello on LinkedIn






[7] Washington Township Budgets 2010-2014

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