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Joe Nicholas

Joe Nicholas, known to

many as Joe Nick, is a

police K-9 trainer and a Republican. He was K-9 officer Ember’s trainer. 


Gloucester County Republicans Tom Narolewski, Steve Pakradooni, and Adam Wingate have created and perpetuated conspiracy theories around Ember’s death. 

Imagine losing a pet you love

in a tragic accident, and then imagine your own political party weaponizing her death and posting her picture day after day.

My name is Joe Nicholas. Everyone knows me as Joe Nick. I’m a police K-9 trainer and a Republican. My dog Ember’s death is being abused for political gain.


I’m the K-9 trainer for many police agencies in South Jersey. EMBER WAS MY DOG. I’m a lifelong conservative Republican. Ember was on loan to Gloucester County, but I was her owner. Ember’s death was a tragic accident. I’ve seen zero evidence of any cover up. Democrats have acted honorably by not commenting on Ember’s death until the investigation is complete. 


Working to destroy the lives of the people who loved Ember is NOT justice for her. That’s what the Gloucester County GOP is doing. They are exploiting her memory and the tragedy of her passing for the sole purpose of winning an election. It is sick, and the political hacks, the highly-paid consultants, and especially the candidates behind it should be ashamed of themselves. The Gloucester County Republican Chairwoman even confirmed on camera in a public meeting that, ‘This is political.’


The word honor is sacred to me. Their despicable campaign shows that Republicans Tom Narolewski, Steve Pakradooni, and Adam Wingate have no honor. If and when you receive these mailers or online ads exploiting my dog Ember, please remember my words and honor Ember’s memory by rejecting these disgusting smears. 


As a Republican myself, I ask everyone to vote against the Republicans in Gloucester County.

Joe Nick

Police K-9 Trainer,

Lifelong Republican

Hear the truth

from Joe Nick before you make your decision in

this year's elections.

Joe spoke at last week’s Commissioner Meeting about Ember’s death. 

Paid for by the Gloucester County Democratic Committee.

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